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[moved] Just taken her for a test drive

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Everyone tell ur friends, lets get this site going! %-6 i like these faces by the way. []Deace
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I agree, all those bullshit posts on are ridiculus. To many shit talkers. They will be banned if they come over here and do that.
Yea, you get some good information, but you get alot more stupid ass shit. One post will turn into a totaly different topic. Takes too long to get good info. Im out, late
Mad props on the Site just saw it on SSM an I think I'm the Only first Gen owner on here
this is one of the best if not the only sites i have seen for the true dakota lovers who want a custom ride not just a stock grocery getter.
lets keep this site growing
by the way (dakota hp) you arent the only first gen owner on here i have a '90 2wd sport to old skool is the way to go
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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