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Need help with my 02 4.7 any and all help will be greatly appreciated

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Help, I bought an 02 dakota and was taken to the cleaners. Let's just say the person who sold it to me wasnt as honest as he let me think and pretty much lied theough his teeth and now I'm stuck with a truck that after I bought it and drove it home I got a misfire code in cylinder 5. Then it had antifreeze in the oil that wasnt there when I first checked it
So I decided I had to tear into it, replace the head gasket and had the heads resurfaced. Seemed to ho fairly easy, my Haynes manual was pretty straight forward and I followed along a video I found on youtube. Only ran into one problem putting the tocker.arms back I and that was the spring retainers in my number 2 cylinder popped out. So those things are a bitch to put back in as they kept falling amd slipping so while I was fighting them I decided to use a magnet to put them back in and to pick them up from the hole there next to valve and lifter
Well I finally got them in, put it all back together and now I have a crank but no start. I checked fuel flow, spark and compression. Still nothing, replaced crankshaft sensor and then read about camshaft sensor amd the camshaft target wheel on the right side camshaft sprocket. And that you dont want to put a magnet anywhere near this wheel....uh oh this wheel is right next to the valve I was fight to put those keeper things in and I'm pretty sure my magnet probably hit it five or six times. But the manual says nothing about what to do if this happens and I'm still not sure if that is the cause of my dilemma.
Now while doing this repair I also replaced all the timing components sense I was down there and the truck has just over two hundred thousand on it and I'm sure it probably never had been done. And when I first tried to start it I took it all apart after the crank but no start to double check the timing and it is all verified in time. I'm getting fuel to the rail which was verified by pushing the Schroeder valve on rail. And I took the number plug out to check for spark which it had a pretty strong spark. So after replacing these sensors (camshaft and crankcase) I'm stumped. I went to get a noid light from my part store to check the injectors but they said that those lights are worthless and if I have a reason to beleive the injectors are messing up I need to replace them and they wanted some crazy amount for them. I Janet looked online yet but I cant see there isnt a way to test them or clean them.
Either way if somebody could out in any way I would be so grateful. I'm fairly mechanical and have done a few major repairs on the past with my ford mustang and my wifes saturn vue....amd have never screwed anything up like this before but I guess there is a first time for everything. I guess that what you get when you think you can repair anything yourself and dont read the fine print. I know I'm not the first man to do this. Anyway thanks again for any and all help
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