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New Frame CLip and Fuel Cell

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I'm building a new frame clip and fuel cell. The cell will be made from stainless steal. I'll take pix and make tech articles. If ya guys want. the frame is going to be so much fun to make.....I'm not welding up the cell due to my father not trusting my tig welding abilities.....although i did make headers for my civic. Ok i'm out lata
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Don't forget....... a tank has to be tested at 14 psi as per DOT regulations. Just about to make one myself :) You gonna use the stock sending unit?
Screw the DOT What is DOT certified on our trucks as is? yeah i have to use the stock sending unit cause no-one sells one that will work with our guages. and i'm sure i could poot about 35lbs of boost in this and it'll just smile back....boost wtf am i talking about i worked on my civic too much......ahhhhhhh
Mocking up the new frame today.
New clip tacked together (2x5 .188 wall steel, makin it strong enought to hop the ass end without the weight of the nitrogen tanks bending my frame AGAIN) test fitting tomorrow. how much do you think i should narrow my frame? and rear fit 22x10"s with 305 40 22 rubber?
Frame is off just behind the front bed mounts.....going to go take pix now.........almost did a nose dive after the first cut........luckily i cought it and shoved a jackstand under the front.....the front ones were too far made my butthole pucker lol
That woulda sucked and blew at the same time.
oh yeah it would have been disasterous.......we're makin the frame 7"s narrower inside to inside....gonna go start welding it up and putting it on the truck today
I am starting on my truck tommorow afternoon. I will provide pictures and prolly make it a tech article
Sweet......i went apeshit with pix today.....posted.. !headbang

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Bed is testfitted....looks great i'm extremely happy with the way the frame looks from the top and thru the no i'm off to panama city beach florida for a week....i'll tty all lata.... !finger ....the haters.... !sex the chicks !headbang rock an roll for life !headbang .......time to pass out %-6

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Frame is done......4link is done.....fuel cell should be done early next week and hopefully making the mounts for the bags on the lower links today (friday)...the 4link is crazy looking.....looks like a pro stock setup on a dragster
pics. . pics. . . we want to see pics :)
Hell yeah, get them pics up! !amazed
Sorry posted twice. !frustrated
I got pix i'll put em up later tonight.....tomorrow is the drive shaft tunnel in the cab and making brakets for the lower bars on the 4-link
Looks sweet. I am sure you already know this, but be sure to butt weld/angle grind the pieces of the frame. Or just plate the seams. Can't wait to see that biatch laid out.
every piece is chamfered/ was all welded up with 7018 1/8" rods on a 440 Miller 3phase.
Oh by the way, with those jonnie joints, I called biokustumz and they said you HAVE to mount the bags directly on top of the lower bars, because other wise the bars will twist inwards and make the front bushings bind up REAL bad. It's got me kinda depressed. But oh well, gotta fix it.
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