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new guy

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whats up my name is jeremy got a 92 lowered 4/6 bou tto be bagged. has 3.9l bored .030 over and some head work shaved door handles bed. clear corners. buckets from a 98 and thats about it so far just got in a wreck so i have to do some work on the front then hopefully have it bagged by spring break.

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Well, welcome to the best dakota site on the web. We have some very helpful people on here that can help you with any questions that you may have. So just let us know.
hey man I see you live in Duval county. I live in Jax & I do all kinds of customizing.Just let me know if you have any ?'s. I bagged mine myself, you might have seen me, I have the blue Dak. with white stripes bagged & Zenon body kit. If you were at southeastern nats. I was in it I am the one with my whole interior painted.
whats up man yeah i have see ur truck riding around its pretty nice. did you do the bag setup ur self because im abou tto by all the materials to do it and and i have a pretty good idea how to do it but it would help if i had some expeirenced asst. im thinking of shortening my rear axle at gng and then doing all the notching and welding my self but the whole trying to bag the front end part kind of scares me because everyone has their on way of baggin the front of a dakota (at least it seems like that)
sorry just saw that u said in ur last post that u did do the bag setup ur self but i still need some help
call me on my cell 563-6350
when you seen me did you see the caddy lights?Were you at southeastern?
i did go to s.e. nats but i didnt notice that actually
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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