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New Year's Reso's

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I just wanted to say that my resolution was to get my truck bagged this year, before the Greenville show. I have everything to do it except the metal for the leveraged for link, or cantilever if that's what you want to call it. Anyway, ya'll don't let me bitch out and not do it. I want everyone to stay on my ass and get me to do it. If im not there, either I'm broke or I bitched out. Thanx ya'll!
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You got it. You doing it yourself? 2 link or 4 link?
Yeah doing it myself. I want to do a two link to get that mad ass lift. I had a friend in La Mesa, Cali. who did it the way I want to, so I will try and follow his way.
It's a lot of work. Hopefully you have the right tools, like a welder, plasma cutter, chop saw, sawzall, air tools, etc. I 2 linked mine. I ended up moving the front perches closer to the cab so the link bar would be longer and lay lower. It rides a lot better than my previous Dak where we left the front perches in the stock location. If you need help or some advice, maybe I can cruise down. I am in Ventura County, not sure how far away you are.
Man I wish you couldstop by. Unfortunately, I lived in San Diego while I was stationed there. I'm out know and live in my hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I do have some tools, like a chop saw, sawzall, welder. I have access to air tools and I had access to a plasma cutter, but my homeboy left for work and now I am sol. I thnk I have it figured out, but I wont know until I actually start. Just wierd that way I guess.
My truck will be getting cut up in the next week or so. I will try and find a digital camera to take pics. Later. !afro
HA HA! Finally, my old lady said that I can bag it this weekend. She is tired of hearing me make the valve sound whenever we go some where. So she said to get it done Friday after I get paid. So, Finally. Fuckin right.
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