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No start

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Hi guys. I've got an 02 Dakota SXT 3.9l. I talked with friends and family that know cars, but nothing has helped. My truck was working fine, then one time picking my wife up from work it struggled a tad but fired up. Since then it won't do anything. At first it would click for a min then stop, when I tried to start it. Now it won't do anything. Lights and horn all work fine. I've gone through 2 O'Reilly starters(altima imports) only to return those to get a remanufactured Napa starter. I've replaced the ignition lock cylinder and ignition switch. Battery is about a yr old and is testing good. I'm about outta money and patience. Oh before I forget a guy I know also said to check the computer, mainly the pins to see if any were bent or charred at all, all was good there, and yes I have checked all the fuses and relays. Oh, every now and agn the fuel pump relay will just rapidly click(like it's trying to turn it on and off). This has even extremely experienced friends(some who have worked at Chrysler for years) baffled. Please help.
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Please let me know if get any kind positive answers on this issue, I'm having the same issues with my 98 Dakota
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