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[poll] 20"s/22"s or 22"s all around

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4.5 body drop stock floor......22"s on the back with 20"s on the front or go with 22"s all the way around and put a bubble in the front fenders?
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20/22 so you dont have to mess up the front fenders. If you can do 22's all round w/out changing fenders or hood go for it.
It depends on how big and obnoxious the bubble is going to be. My buddy is doing an 8" stock floor/standard body drop on his Ram. He had to bubble out the fenders in the front but if doesn't look hideous. Check it out at [link=][/link]

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i think a ram can get away with it....but not on a dakota.....that truck is pretty sweet though.
I say go for it, nobody has probably ever tried it before.
22's will fit in the front, it's been done already. There's a guy in so cal, that is laid hard rocker on 22's in front with plenty of clearance, and no bubble. 1, your breakbooster obviously needs to moved/modified, cause it's in the way. 2, you need to achieve enough camber to get the wheels tucked in past the fenders. 3, and finally, you'll need a decent amount of lift to untuck these wheels, because we all know what a bitch it is to turn when laid out. we don't have the luxary that toyota owners have of being able to turn lock to lock 1/4" off the ground. Personally, I'm running 20's in front because mainly, i enjoy driving low, i'm not building a trailor queen, i'm building a truck that i can cruise and enjoy. And when you run 22's w/ a bd, your gonna need to lock it up pretty high to turn, what's the point in bein that low if you can't drive it that low. just my 2 cents tho...
Impounded i've been following your work on your dakota since you first posted on that truck.....i've got some ?s i need to ask you.....if you could email me at [email protected] very well put i don't want to have to stork my ride to turn....
KaoticDakota said:
4.5 body drop stock floor......22"s on the back with 20"s on the front or go with 22"s all the way around and put a bubble in the front fenders?
IMO, 22's all round or 20's all round. No need to be haivn two different kinds of spares in the rear ya know?
Anybody know where any pics of the one with all 22's can be found?
Dave (IFcustoms on SSM) was tellin me about it. Appearantly it's a friend of his, and he's doin the work in his garage, and that it is laid out and that they are doin the finishing touches. As to pictures i have none yet, but as soon as i do i'll post some links. My email addy is [email protected], feel free to email me any questions you have bro...
20's up front, 22's in the rear. my $0.02. Ordered them today, should have them in a week or so. Will post pics soon after.
$costlydakota$ 8)
kewl thanks what wheels did you get? i think i'm dead set on those oasis gothics.......i'm putting the widest wheel and tire combo i can get on it.....hey costly how much are you narrowing your rear end?
Costly, are you body dropped or not? Im gonna run 22's in rear w/ no b/d and was woundering how much i will have to narrow the rear axle. []Deace
The wheels are Diablo Vienna's. As for narrowing the rear, when I get them in friday or saturday, we will put them on and figure it out from there. And no, the truck is not bodydropped.....yet.
$$$costlydakota$$$ !afro
Hey Kaotic, you decided on the wheel size yet?
yeah the 20"s an 22"s.....i talked to oasis wheels today.... the 22"s will have either a 1mm or 20mm+offset.
I'm still thinking about tring all 22's, gonna order the 22x10's for the back and then check clearance up front.
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