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alright guys so ima set my fifteen idea aside for now and stack a lil bit of money especially cuz i got a ticket two weeks ago lol. but im going to build a box for all three of my twelves for now. i got three kicker comps (4 ohms) and i think im going wayyy over kill on this box but in a way idc cuz i want new subs anyway but i feel bad if these ones still work soo this new box is going to take up my entire rear seat. here are the dimensions:

outside: inside:
54 long 52.5 long
17 deep 15.5 deep
27.5 high 26 high

makes for 12.24 cuft. and i want to tune it to 35 just extremely terrible with figuring out port area and how long the port/ ports should be. im going to be using 4" pvc pipe to port it so im sure there will be more then one port. so if someone can help me figure out how many ports i need and how long they need to be that would be great!!! i wanna start on the box this week and hopefully have it in by the weekend..and i wanna try something different so the box will NOT be chambered. ill be taking pics during the build then with it installed and ill post em up here when im done. here is a pic of two of them in my truck now:


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Thats a huge box- My box with 4 Memphis mojo 12's is only 10cf. tuned to 32hrtz. I can help you but your gonna need to get rid of the pvc idea and just build a slot port facing up along the back of the box. I will need to know the displacement of the subs and the subs free air resonate freqency. Also do you want to compete spl or bleed the block with low rumble shaking bass that sounds good because 35hrtz is higher towards spl freq?
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