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R/T rims on old dak?

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This is to dude who posted the old school dak with the R/T rims, I got a 89 dak for my daily, will my stock R/T rims off my 00 fit on it? Ones 6 lug and the other is 5. I was guessing no but then seen yours with um?? anybody else know hit me back! ?! ?! %-6 !sex
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About the r/t rims on a gen 2. Mine is a 1992 so I have the 6-4.5 bolt pattern. I don't think you can put those on unless you convert to 6 lug. If you do that you have to grind a 1/4 inch off the upper control arm so it doesn't rub the rim, and 1/4 inch off the spindle to get your center caps to fit in the front. email me at [email protected] if you have any questions.
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