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rollpan/lic. plate box

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Well I welded on my roll pan and lic. plate box over the weekend but ran out of time to shave the handle cuz my truck went into the body shop to get a dent fixed through insurance. I found out that I HATE bondo!!!! lol first time ever working with it and prolly last. I will have somebody do it for me from now on. Here is a pic of it.
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yo looks good just wonderin did you have the same problem i did with the roolpan lining up with the bottom of the tailgate like the curve of it
Looks good, if you paint your handle to match, it will look ten times better.
It was not that hard to line it up when i had somebody to help me. I am going to shave the handle soon. My plan is to have it completely shaved by the end of winter
looks good man, did ya ever get that handle shaved off
looks good, and +3 on the handle color. if not, shave it and relocate it.:cool:
thanks. I havent had a chance to shave it. I got everything to shave my door handles, now its just finding the time to do it.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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