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I have in My garage that I took off to replace to the hotchkis, a set of RC RT leafs that are set up to run Competition Engineering Slide-A-Link Traction Bars.

These leafs already have the aluminium bushings pressed into them and are ready to bolt up in your truck. The longer u bolts and plates mount to yours to mount the bars in the back. These bars have NEVER been used, basically set up under the truck for about a year. They are still in new condition, no rust and nothing WD40 can fix. Included is the $50 wrenched made for the kit to adjust them on the fly. These can be set up to run soft on the street or adjusted hard for drag strip. I cant give you feedback on how they run dragging, but I used them once on the street to test when I first got them and they caught great. Total is around $100 resale on the leafs, $325 for the bars, and $50 for the wrenches (never used) for a value of $475 new. Asking $350, basically wrenches and leafs are free...

Everyone knows these arent light, like 110 pounds here to ship, but if you want them, i will arange the chepest shipping possible. If you live in the GA or AL area i am willing to meet up with you for an exchange.

I know some people switch up leafs so I assume these will work on a CC too. If your interested pm me...I can get pics and any info you need is here below.


-99 RC RT Leafs with pressed aluminium bushings (required)

Traction Bars with shims

Traction Bar Wrenches

Any interest please let me know!
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