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s10 killed

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my buddy has a slammed red s10 extreme with full dual exhaust, rebuilt motor, filter, and countless other engine mods.

i just recently got my truck back from being painted, the only thing i had done to it was put my audio back in it, and a new air filter.

he revved his little red truck as i laughed and turned up my subs.

light went green, tires squeeled, 1/4 mile down the road and through the tunnel.

win by about 3 car lengths. DODGE FTW.
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my brother has 2 and still has never had a chance of beating me
what size motor did this slammed s10 have?
aren't those a bit snappy with the 4.3 vortec?
the best my brother ever ran with his 4.3 was 15.90's. most of the time it was 16.20-16.30 in the 1/4
The 3.9s though when set up like a small block running nitrous will freaking scream. I know someone who built theirs like hard.
I use copper RTV and have yet to have any problems.
its not headgaskets....its the headbolt stretch from the cheap OEM bolts
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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