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Shaved extended cab windows??

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Whats your opinion? Ive seen a few s10s and mazdas but never a 2gen dak
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never seen it, but thought about it. go for it.
i think it looks like shit either way.. just my opionion 90's minitruckin needs to stay in the 90's
Whew thanks gor the replys i thought i was all alone on this forum.. but yeah that's what i was thinking. Just leave it alone. With all the open space it looks weird
maybe on a hard body nissan, but other than that no!
Yeah it was just an idea i have other things to focus on.. like a crooked suspension
Lol yeah, why is it crooked?!
Ugh i wish i knew lol... the frame n bed arnt tweeked but the rear supension os 15"5x4 from framerail to ground on pass side and 14 on the drivers. Its very noticable :/ ... removed theoverload leafs n it helped but it was 16 n 14
Take the bed off of the frame. That should be your first move.
Yeah thats kinda what im thinking. My body guy is working on a friends s10 bed when thats gone ill have a safe place to store it
yeah take the bed off. it could be a shackle thats messed up and causing it. I'd take off what ever the previous owner did to lower the rear and just redo it. or lower it differently. I did a shackle flip (search hanger flip in the search bar) and I got 4 inches in the rear.
Yeah ive read your post. Im thinking its either a shackle or a shock
I'd take the bed off and inspect the leaves. Make sure both sides look exactly the same. I suspect that the left side (driver side, the one thats lowest) is the one that is binding, or broken some where. IF you can find a replacement spring pack that might solve your problem, check a few junkyards. Thats the first thing i'd do before even thinking about lowering it lol
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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