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smokin dakotas t- shirts

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Hey idslamyou, what's the deal with the shirts? I was just wondering. Trying to support the site down here in the "dirty" south. HAHAHA !afro
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I am going to be drawing up a design for the stickers inthe next few weeks. Then I will use that for the t-shirts. I got another website I am working on so it may take a little time. But they are in the works.
I would be interested in a shirt and a sticker also, let me know when you get em in. Gotta Represent here in Florida. !afro
Im also interested in the stickers and shirt.
yah , you got another customer here man
Hey I'm interested in a few stickers also, thx
i'd take some stickers maybe a window banner and definately a T shirt. If you need some help with the logo just say the word and i'll draw up some ideas. Lata Josh
Thats the only thing holding me back is designing the logo. So if someone wants to do it, I will compensate them by giving them some free stickers. If there are multiple people who want to try to design something, we will have a poll and majority will rule.

Here is what I was thinking for a logo. Have an outline of a dakota with inside. Plain and simple. I wanted to has some flames coming off the end, but flames tend to peel faster.

If you want to submit something email it to me [email protected]. I need the file to be vector based, eps, illustrator if possible. Raster will work but the edges aren't as smooth.
I think that the idea of a dakota isnt that great...... what body style haha dont forget about us old skool daks LOL...... flames and tribal designs are cool with me though!
I don't know about the dakota, but how bout this for the slogan. " Is your dakota smokin?" I thought about it the other day, and I thought it sounded good so.
You could always make the same back ground with a diffrent gen dak in the fore ground, that way every one could be happy ( 3 diffrent stickers or 3 diffrent trucks on one sticker)and I think it would be cool if a gen 3 sticker would say gen 3 on it some were and the same with the other gens.
That could be good and bad lowphatdak. . . all the anti Dodge people will probably talk shit about your dakota smokin LOL. But its good keep coming up with some ideas for slogans. I will try and work on a design this weekend.
i like the slogan i think if you intagrate it into the design it would be cool
Count the kid in. I'm ready for the Dakota take over & stickers, T-shirts is the way.. For design info how about a dodge emblem but jazzed up a little with smokindakotas on the back. That way we all can get some love.. ol'skool and new. holla
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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