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SmokinDakota 2 on the Road

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Whazzzup Steve!

I saw the new truck on the road over by Popeye's Chicken and it looks and sounds sweet! I tired to get your attention but the drag neon, a.k.a. rental neon, doesn't turn any heads. I don't remember if I told you but the truck was rearended a few weeks ago. x) Anyways, glad to see the site back up, it's looking good!

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How bad was the accident? Frame damage?

Thanks for the compliments. Can't wait to finally check out your R/T.
No apparent frame damage, just bumper, bed, and cab damage. When I get the truck back, we should hang out sometime. Maybe the SpeedZone gathering should be rekindled. When do plan to get some bigger shoes for your truck?
Speedzone sounds cool. Or maybe even a Friday night grudge match at LACR if they are still running those. I don't get out of work till 5:30 and then I still have to commute from SB.

Wheels and tires are next on the list, but will probably be a while unless my buddy can come through with some 20's for $300.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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