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Some of you may be asking why we switched domains. Well, we have purchased a dedicated server and the old web host who is hosting has control of the domain. Eventually will be pointed directly here, as soon as we can get them to change the dns settings.

You may notice a new layout and forum software. We have chosen Vbulletin, as the software is easily configurable/customizable and their support is great. We also have a new gallery. Unfortunatly, their is not a import script from the old gallery, so I have to upload each users photos individually. This may take a while. If you can re-upload the photos please email me to let me know. It will help save me a lot of time and frustration.

So lets get things going. If you have any problems logging in please contact us.
Guests will not be able to post anymore, you must register.

Please post and comments and suggestions regarding the change in here.
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