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Would you guys be interested in purchasing some t-shirts. I have a screen printer and am able to print 1 color t-shirts. Would someone be willing to design a logo? Remember it is just one color. We will have a poll when we have a few submissions and the winner will receive 3 free t-shirts.
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I have something i was messing w/ today, should i email it to you?...its simple ( not really a logo,but it might give u some ideas).
you can email it or post it here
I emailed it to you. Again its not a superkool logo or nothing just something to give you an idea or something. Anywayz, im still looking for something that catches my eye that I think is worthy of this awesome site. Anywayz, enjoy! Laters.

i am having my brother draw up an idea that i had i dont draw that well but he does as soon as i get it i will send it to you

i also was wondering if any one would want vinal stickers to go with the t-shirts i have a friend that makes them for a living if there are some people that want them let me know and i will try to get them cheep
Thanks bubba26. Can't wait to see the design.

As for the vinyl stickers, I do that for a living as well as just about any printing. I am working on a design right now. What sizes would be interest to you? Something to fit on the rear side windows of a CC or a Full windshield banner?
i will put one on the winshield and or the rear window of my truck
i would think that most would want a smaller sticker on their ride but i will put one in my winshield
just let me know a price
i think u should make booty shorts for the girls and pass em out at shows and long as u get em on video ;)
Fuckin right. I totally agree and would personally love to see that one. HAHAHA
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, this is turning out to be a funny ass thread.
Don't worry Liz, I will get some girls clothes going soon so we can pass them out at havasu this year instead of beads. You gotta think up of some sayings or designs.
idslamyou, will you have shirts for sale soon or are you still looking for designs

i know i'd buy one
Right now I don't have any and probably won't for a while. There have only been about 6 sets of stickers sold. The t-shirts cost more to produce. If I can get a solid guarantee for 20 + shirts from all you guys, I will start designing.
I'll get a shirt from ya. And I'm sure that everyone will start stepping up to show support for smokindakotas
and i know i will get one....cause i got the stickers and now i have to have a shirt
i want stickers and a shirt to, but it'll have to wait till i get my money back up from moving, about 1-2 months and i'll have the extra cash without taping into my truck money, gotta save for the bags.
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