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..about their "strong arms" control arms. Tried to sound as professional as possible, not like some dumbass asking stupid questions. Here is how it went down.

My email:
Hello. I was looking over air ride techs web site and
noticed that you guys do not offer "Strong Arms"
control arms for dodge dakota pickups. I was
wondering if they may still be in design or if they
will ever be offered. I am fairly new to the dakota
crowd. From what I have seen and heard, there is a
sizable demand for quality built upper and lower
control arms from an aftermarket supplier. With your
"Strong Arms" already designed to facilitate air bag
installation that makes them ahead of the game. Thank
you for your time.

Prospective Customer,

Their reply:
Sorry but we currently have no plans to do a control arm for that truck. If we see enough demand we will rethink building them but currently have no plans.

Thanks Brian

This company seems to not have any insight into the pulse of what going on. The kits they build might be "bolt-on" but the drop that its designed to yeild (with no other mods.) are minimal compared to either doing it yourself or having a custom shop do it for you (and costing the same to an extent). Their intensions are good with the products they offer, but not for everyone.

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