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Someone had to be first!

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It's always nice to see some more Dodge forums. Are you planning on overhauling the new Dakota as much as you did the last one?
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I think im gonna put caddy tails up in my rear. %-6
Ha ha. Yea...... i like them, but you are right, it has been done. I still have a while. Being 19 the money doesnt come very easily. Truck goes in tommorow for the rear bags and then boyd coddington 20's arent cheap... so i still have time. late
By the way, whats up with this 4cyl thing? I have twice that under MY hood !amazed. HA HA HA. I also really like these smily faces !dodge. They really add "character" to my posts. You should get more of them. Later guys B)
Ha ha, i know bro, i was just messin with ya. This is a sick site. Its new and already tehres alot of good stuff on here. I know it will grow to a big site. Keep up the good work, Late
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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