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Something aint rightt!

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My truck is so strong on bottom end and will spank just about any car if it doesnt spin all day! I can race from red light to red light but as soon as i try to do a 55 start i get left! i race a 2005 4 door f150 bone stock! we did a rolling run at 55 and he waxed my ass! Are dakotas just not that fast up top? or is it mine?
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What do u reccomend? i want something fast on top! i cant keep buying new tires lol and im gonna end up killing myself on a rainy day
What engine?
If you have the keg manifold that might be some reason. My rt with m1 and a list of bolt ons doesnt exactly pull extremely hard from 55 + either.
5.9 everything is factory! Its just retarded im gettin beat by a truck double the weight
There have been several discussions going in depth into what gears you need
Your motor is not breathing efficiently at higher rpm's! You have Torque but nothing at the top.

I thought that you had a modded 5.9?..If your 'stock' you can't expect too much from it..:confused:
A 4.7 Dak HO would probably hand you your ass.

You want a mod list? I can get you to 400+ at 5600rpm..How deep are your pockets?...:D
Pockets aint to deep now that im starting college lol
OH! :(

Well if you see an M-1 intake manifold kicking around and a 52mm TB, and a set of 1.7 roller rockers..and some headers, scoop them up! :D

A Super Chips Programmer would be great too!

...just those bolt on mods should show them Ferds who's the boss around there!'s a start at least.

We'll get into Edelbrock heads and a cam change when you get out of College. lol
i didnt like the super chips half the stuff doesnt work on ours
all i could use was the tune it wouldnt change rev or speed limiter and i couldnt data log
all i could use was the tune it wouldnt change rev or speed limiter and i couldnt data log
The tune worked,I can't say much for the revs but it changed my speed limiter and speedo error. Of course that was before I had the PCM flashed..;)

I guess that was before you went with the stroker?
nope this was last week im running a stock pcm not even Mopar Performance
Ya if you want more up top i would put 3.05's thats what the srt's have!
Well i have about 300 dollars at he moment so im sure all those mods are a tad bit moree lol but ill have a full time job soon and then ill be rollin bankk
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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