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Stage 2 Jet Chip

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Just ordered my Jet Performance Stage 2 Chip.:049: Best price. $207 shipped from redeem code "fallback" at ck out for $25 off regular price. Only thing it ends today. Summit is $248 so I think its a good deal. Anybody using this chip?? Stage 2 requires 180 thermostat, freeflowing exhaust, and 91 octane gas.
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Ok, finally made it to the track lastnight. Back in 91, I ran a 17.8 stock. I have now installed headers, electric fans, 180 stat and some big wheels...and ran a best 17.8. Doh! Guess I gotta get some draglites! lol.
Well, next spring I should have dual exhaust, chip, and honed TB. See if I can't break 17.7!
how many miles are on the truck now? is the chip just cancelling the effects of age?
No, i haven't even got the chip yet. Its the big wheels. I drove it a couple times with stock wheels, after the performance mods, and it definetly felt better. There is probably 10lbs more per wheel over stock. And when you only have 125hp to start...well...1lb of unsprung weight = 6lbs of sprung weight. So, if this is true, then its like I have a 240lb passenger!:(
Not installed yet. been workin to much. gonna talk exhaust guy soon, about a custom system. then put chip in.
it litterally takes 4 seconds to put that POS chip in.... if I were you I'd keep the package sealed and return it.
I have heard mixed reveiws about the jet chips some like them and some say after a while the pcm will cancel it out. Im just going to waiting to get my SCT by hemifever.Never heard bad reveiws about it .
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