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Tailgate adjustment

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Does anyone know if this can be adjusted out. The tailgate has a dent in the lower center and it is creased but im not sure if the dent caused this or not. It was like this when I bought the truck and im not sure if anything else was done besides the dent. If I can adjust it out then I will repair the dent and save the money I was going to have to spend on a new tailgate and buy more parts for the truck.


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you'll most likely need to use some of those weld on rods, then pull the rods and they will pull the metal out.

can it be fixed- yes

cost of fix might trump the cost of just getting a new tailgate. so do your homework lol
As far as fixing the dent that wouldn't be an issue. The tailgate not closing all the way against the bed is what I want fixed lol. But at the same time I dont want to stick money into junk. I found a new tailgate shell for $150 I just have to swap all my inners into the new shell.I will also be shaving the handle and moving it inside the bed. So if no one knows of any adjustments to pull the tailgate in closer to the bed the ill buy a new shell and hope it doesn't fit the same way. That would really piss me off lol.
you should be able to loosen up the stricker and adjust it in.
yup^...upper stricker bolts on the bed are just bolts loosen and adjust. also check your lower mounts that the gate pivot on if these are bent it'll never close right
Thanks guys I got the tailgate adjusted out and it is now flush with the bed. I also had to remove the rubber bumpers on the bed cause the tailgate hits the bed. I think im still going to buy a new tailgate cause there is alot more than the one dent to repair plus there is a good bit of rust at the very bottom. I have looked all over for someone that sells the complete tailgate with the inner parts but I cant find anyone that sells them. I only found one place on the web that sells the tailgate shell but I will have to use my inner hardware or buy all new. Does anyone know where I can buy a new complete tailgate with the inners (just needing paint)?
a junkard, lol, there aint much in a tail gate it will only take 10-20 mins to swap everything over to a new one
u can only buy the shell new, not a complete. last time i bought a loaded tailgate it only cost 25$
try pull-a-part.
The only problem with a tailgate out of the salvage yard is every one around where I live is beat up pretty bad and then im in the same boat im in now with a tailgate that requires more work than its worth. Looks like ill go with the new shell then. Thanks for the help and advice guys.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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