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Think before you do.....

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I posted this on ssm also but need to get it out.....

Just wana say, on some stuff, think before you act on things. This moring 2 of my friends start driving down to LA for one of them to see his girlfriend becuase they had a little argument. They both sneak out of the house at about 3am to drive to la after they had gotten home about 1am. Mind you these kids are 18. The driver got his license 2 weeks ago.... Well while driving down I-5 they were speeding, the driver lost control and flipped the car killing both of them. They died for what? NOTHING! Just think about what your gonna do before you act on them..... When your dead you wont know how hard it is on your close friends and family.... Just had to get that off my chest. Take it easy guys, Later
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Sorry to hear about that. I have had times when I was driving where I did something stupid and thought about it later that night on how I could have gotten into an accident and killed myself or someone else. I try to keep my self calm and just cruise, but there are too many FORD drivers out there.
Sorry to hear that.....
I know how you feel. I lost a close one to a drunk driver driving down the highway the wrong way.

Life is to short as it is.
I am sorry to here about your loss. In a way I think that everyone has lost a friend or family in a car related incident. I would also like to say that if you feel you need to race take it to the tracks and keep it off the road.

Is your life really worth a stop light race?
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