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Torsion Suspension

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Does anyone know how to lower the front end of a dakota with a torsion setup? I don't want to slam the thing just to get ride of a little wheel well gap. Thanks.
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Just crank the torsion bars. However, if you lower it too far it's going to really ride like crap. They might sell lowering keys for the torsion bars. What year is the Dakota? I assume it is 4wd if it has a torsion setup?
I think the max you can lower the front end without throwing the alignment way off is about 1 1/2" which is about 10-12 turns.
The Dakota is a 03. Yes it is 4 wheel drive.

What I am looking for is just to lower it enough so that when I put the 20's on for the summer it doesn't look like it is jacked up. Also it is an SXT so it has Dodges Heavy Duty suspension on it. Does anyone know what that consists of.

Thanks for the replys this is the first Dakota Forum that I have gotten an answer from so I think I will be staying here for a long time.
The heavy duty suspension is just a extra leaf in the rear. Makes it a heavy half ton. Nothing is done to the front.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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