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~33 to the end are pics from the rear 6 link install minus the panhard. I hope these help people in the future, because that was one thing I couldnt find enough of.....helpful pics.

Parts used on a 2003 qc with 9.25" disc brake rearend:

(1) 8" step notch kit
(1) parallel 4 link kit 24.5" bars 3.75" Axle brackets
(2) square lower 4 link bar(6 link bars) 24.5"
(1) Cantilever 4 link bracket set
(4) 4 link axle brackets
(2) 4 link bracket tab short
(2) 2" tubular ends
(1) Rod end stud 3/4" with jam nut
(2) GC 250psi 3/8" dump valves
(1) 50' roll of 5/8" OD air line

From slam specialties:
(2) ES 72 bags
(2) GC 450psi 1/2" fill valves (bought before I found suicidedoors website.

From MSC:
(4) Parker prestolok 5/8" OD brass fittings
(4) 1/2" brass street elbows

Associated controls for the valves.
~30" piece of SC80 tubing, lightly ream the ID for the 3/4" rod end stud to fit. (for panhard)
(2) Stock spring shackles to link the bag bars to the axle brackets. (see pics)

Hope this helps and you learn from my NOTES on various pics. I believe that is everything. If you have a drum brake rearend the axle OD is different for the parallel kit and for the 4 link axle brackets.

Once again, good luck and happy dragging.

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hey dude, so you still use the panhard bar right with this set up to hold the rear end straight? i was thinking of runnin a parallel from ART with the BYC watts link...also, are you leaving the gas tank stock, man they really need to make a kit for a dakota on SD like the 5 link for the s10s...
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