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V6 to V6 Swap

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Ok, I really want to drive my truck around this summer, and I am considering keeping an eye out for a V6 from a Ram or Dak.

Just wondering if I found a Magnum 6 instead of an older 6 would I need anything other then the motor, or also the ECM? Because the only difference with Mag vs Non mag was interal but I'm not sure if there might be some controller issues too??

I just don't know if the Hemi will be done this summer, but I want to drive the damn thing.... the old engine just isn't overly reliable ...

I can get a motor for 2-300 bucks.... Assuming its just plug and play...
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I would like to know about this too. I've thought of picking up another v6 for a build
Lookin on Kijiji (canada's craigslist) the prices for a 318 and a V6 are basically the same.... If your looking for a build, I would consider a V8 if I were you man..

Hell I'm considering it even for my temporary set up.. for the price.. why not. Its an easy swap overall dude... skip the V6 its a slug ...
magnums have one in jector per cyclinder and our pre mags are throttle body injected. but you may be able to use your manifold and not have to change anything, but i'm not certain on that
I guess in that case the 5.2 out of the 92 Dakota I'm getting in a week should be an easier swap then? LOL... My 6 is having issue on the intake mani, which is why I figure why dick around with it, replace it, whatever.... I need to pass emissions before I can drive it, which is why I was goin to ditch my failing 6 I have currently, I've put a few hundred into it.. now it actually tests WORSE for some reason.. so its goin... and just swap it all... its only somewhat temporary anyways till the Hemi is done, and both swaps 6 or 8 can be done in a weekend... so .. screw it...

5.2 en-route
yeah 92-93 are the big boy mags and the 94-6 are the baby mags. pls do a build thread because i wanna swap my pre mag motor with a magnum 5.2

All Dakota magnums were the same... 5.2 is a 5.2 is a 5.2 ... same with the 3.9's... all the same. Only difference is the 87 - 91's were LA style blocks and TBI versus multi-point, only real difference.....

5hp drop in 94-96 but the cubes remain the same... same motor, more restriction, mostly from the change in the exhuast manifolds to a smaller more restrictive design. If you want to add some quick HP to your 94-96 and come across the 92-94 manifolds.. swap em... or just get headers like a normal person... Opens its up a bit more.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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