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V6 to V6 Swap

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Ok, I really want to drive my truck around this summer, and I am considering keeping an eye out for a V6 from a Ram or Dak.

Just wondering if I found a Magnum 6 instead of an older 6 would I need anything other then the motor, or also the ECM? Because the only difference with Mag vs Non mag was interal but I'm not sure if there might be some controller issues too??

I just don't know if the Hemi will be done this summer, but I want to drive the damn thing.... the old engine just isn't overly reliable ...

I can get a motor for 2-300 bucks.... Assuming its just plug and play...
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yeah 92-93 are the big boy mags and the 94-6 are the baby mags. pls do a build thread because i wanna swap my pre mag motor with a magnum 5.2
well i have mag manifolds on my LA block sixer, i talked to my mechanic about when he replaced my stock manifolds and he said he couldn't find my model year mani's for a good enough price, but he found a 92's mani's and swapped them over.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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