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V8 sound with 3.7

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I was at a tractor pull the other day and saw a 3rd gen Dakota that sounded like a V8 should. But my friend said he had a V6 in it. I want that sound in my truck. I have a stock muffler Y-ed to 3.5" tips. People ask if its a V8 when Im at idle but sound shitty when I accelerate. Any suggestions?
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ive got a 3.9, with the pipe ran out before the rear passenger tire. its 2.5 inch pipe all the way to a flowmaster 40 with a single gibson tip. i've had people call me a liar when i told them it was a v6 and made me pop the hood. it doesnt sound like a v6 till around 4000 rpms. ill put up a pic later.
i agree. but mine fools alot of people. Theres a guy with a rt in my town and with full length exhuast. i hang my head in shame everytime he passes me lol.
i know.... i thought maybe i could fool myself... i just didnt think the truth would hurt so bad... lol
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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