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I want some input on anybody who has had vinyle graphics applied to their truck. How does it hold up against the elements and are they happy with it. I am thinking on getting a custom graphic designed on a CAD and put on to my truck that is a fraction of the cost of a custom paint job. It will be a airbrushed vinyle graphic that will be wide and probably cover the entire side of my Quad Cab such as flames,tribal pattern or whatever I can dream up. I want some input on this though because my truck looks pretty sweet without anything on the side now and it's just an idea that I'm looking at. :?
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I wouldn't run vinyl graphics. I had them on the side of my extra cab, and only for like 3 months, and when I pulled them off, you could see where the paint had faded around where they were. I mean, the money factor is great, but when you tired of the graphics and you pull them off, you probably not be happy. Just my opinion.
:?Why did you pull them off after only having them on for 3 months??? I've just pulled the "Dakota Sport" decals off my doors and tailgate and there is a noticable difference in paint colour that I have to cover or remedy somehow. Any suggestions other than repainting?
I used to own a custom graphics shop and has flames on my previous dakota. I had them on for a while and also installed them on my wifes honda. After you take them off you need to get all the adhesive off and then wax it. When I did this you couldn't even tell they were on there.

However, if you had you truck painted recently, let the paint dry for a month or so. I made the mistake of putting some on a week after I got my truck painted and when I decided to change the design, the vinyl took some of the paint off. It could also have been the painter not prepping those areas properly.

All in all, it is an inexpensive way to change the apperance of your truck. If you get flames or tribal you may want to round the tips a little. Those sharp thin points are the first to start peeling.
I pulled them off because I just did some stupid stuff to see what it would look like. I mean they're cool, cause like idslamyou said, it's a great way to change the apperance of your truck.
FUCK VINYL............. no good, keep it to long, it will fade, crack, fall off, also mess up your paint job...... i did it back in the day......... never again tho....
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