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The internal, tradeable, asset-backed VVM Property Participation (RPP) for use on our Crowdfunding platform is built on two units of value: our innovative cryptocurrency VVM Token, which can be held in any Ethereum Smart Wallet, and the internal, tradeable, asset-backed VVM Property Participation (RPP) for use on our Crowdfunding platform. The Real Estate Asset Ledger Token (VVM) is a secure Blockchain digital asset with built-in vesting.
VVM Tokens are created through a Token Sale Smart Contract and can be stored in any Ethereum BEP-20 wallet. Because VVM Tokens are an ERC20 Token with inherent value in exchanges, they will be traded outside of the VVM platform. VVM COIN

Long Term Vision
People pick a variety of assets as a store of value, a transactional medium, or an investment around the world. For transacting, storing, and accounting these assets, blockchain is a better system. Most estimates place global wealth at roughly $250 trillion, with banks and other financial institutions holding the majority of it.
The conversion of these assets to cryptocurrency is a fantastic opportunity.
VVM, we feel, will be a significant milestone in the cryptocurrency industry, contributing to the rise of cryptocurrencies as more people lose faith in fiat money and other traditional wealth measurements.

VVM Solves the Main Problems of Traditional Real Estate Investments
In 2015, the global real estate market was valued at $217 trillion, nearly 2.7 times the global GDP. 1 This figure only includes developed real estate; it would be much higher if we included the vast amount of undeveloped land on the planet.
Although the real estate market offers many opportunities for large gains, it is far more difficult to invest in real estate than it is to invest in stocks and bonds.
In the real estate market, there are a number of major issues and barriers to overcome:
a high entry barrier a lack of liquidity a slow and complicated ownership transfer process a lack of price transparency


Slow and cumbersome ownership transfer process; lack of price transparency; fraud risks; high transaction costs; cross-border transaction complications
They've all been addressed numerous times throughout history. New investment structures have been developed to address some of these issues, but no perfect answer exists, and the real estate market remains the most inefficient among asset classes.

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