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What do i need?

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Hey guy's im going to go ahead and Bag my 97 Dakota instead of lowering it. I am going to buy the Roadgrater assembly from AIM i called today and it's $1195.00 i would fab my own but i drive this truck everyday and can't have it down (Down LOL) And i am going to buy the Bag Bracket combo they have for $200.00 i can make the shock mounts myself my Real question is I just want to drop or raise the front and rear im not much on the F.B.S.S. What valves do i need? How many? i was thinking of just running both front lines to a Tee fitting then running a 3 way valve and then back to the tank and same for the rear any thoughts comments would be great since the whole "Layin frame" thing is new to me any tips greatly appreciated! !amazed
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the best way to learn is to dive in head first....sounds like you know what you need 3 way valves are decent but i'm a 1 way fan can do FB but in a month or so you'll want to the people at the dealer your'e buying from they should know what to sell you.
DON"T BUY FROM AIM, CHASSIS TECH, RICKY RACER, etc. There prices are cheap, but the shipping is outrageous and the customer service sucks.

Regarding the valves, you will need to 4 2way valves for front back and 2 3 way valves for FB. Check out the articles on the right menu.
I seen the road =grader in action....acually installed a setup on a s-10. Its not a bad lookin at all. Expecially for AIM. The only thing I didn't like is the sleeve bags behind the axle. !8's don't even untuck on his truck ~:( about 4" of lift.... sad...
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